Ports of Auckland

photoIn 1999 Automation Techniques Ltd were contacted by MSC Engineering and the Ports of Auckland to help design and build a solution for the treatment and stabilization of marine silts that were to be dredged out of the Hauraki Gulf. These marine silts contained levels of lead and various other heavy metals and poisons that had come from industrial rain water runoff etc. Previously these marine silts were dumped at sea necessitating a long journey and a possible risk of sea life contamination. Ports of Auckland took the proactive approach to finding a solution, the idea was to create a process that would enable the marine silts to be locked up using cement added to the marine silts in a constant process. The treated silt could then be used as a reclaim material by the Ports Of Auckland to reclaim a 40 Ha area from the sea to make valuable wharf space. Because the addition of the cement was a quantified process the MPA rating of the finished product was a known quantity and using the technology available the process is able to be altered on the fly allowing the MPA rating of the treated marine silts to be altered to suit whether it is being used for the outside bund wall 8-9 MPA or the inside fill 1-2 MPA. This process has proven to be very reliable and accurate.

The machines and process can be used for continuous batching of concrete wet or as is the case with the larger land based machines it can be used for making dry premixed concrete to be bagged. There are many other uses for the system as well smaller plants can be made for example mixing fertilizers with additives, seed mixes and many other continuous batching process'.



A process for using the marine silts that was to be dredged out of the harbor for the deepening of the shipping channel that was environmentally friendly and allowed them to be used for land reclaim.


Helped design and build a solution as a barge mounted processing plant that turned the silt into mudcrete enabling it to be used for reclaim with no leachates. A very involved job which included GPRS remote monitoring of the plant including engine startup etc... Engine management and building a plant rugged enough to handle a marine environment.

Wire Bender Machine

photoThis wire bending machine has recently been commissioned by Automation Techniques. Its purpose is to measure, cut and bend wire suitable for the process of kiwifruit vine growing, tying etc.





Carrot Processing Machine

photoThis is a machine which we produced to turn reject carrots into machine formed baby carrots.