Automation Techniques in association with Powerglide Elevators produce a range of domestic and commercial personnel lifts. These lifts are custom built to suit individual customer requirements and include a range of features not normally found in lifts of this price range. These lifts operate on a unique hydro- electric fluid flow system which allows the lifts to be quiet whilst have a rapid operation between floors. (Typically 11 seconds floor to floor based on standard travel of 3m per floor). Some of the features included in the standard lift build are:-

  1. HMI panel (Human Machine Interface) which allows the customer at a glance to know different operating states of the lift for example if a door has been left open, a message tells you which door is open.
  2. Energy efficient LED lighting.
  3. Car custom built to your size requirements.
  4. Silon bearing blocks for quiet maintenance free operation.
  5. Industrial standard hydraulic and electrical components giving years of trouble free maintenance free operation.

PDF file Powerglide20E-Brochure[PDF]